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CHD Conversations: Mental Health & ACHD


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ACHA is excited to continue its partnership with Stanford Health Care’s ACHD Program’s Patient & Family Advisory Council to bring you a quarterly series of virtual CHD Conversations. Join us for patient-led, town hall-style presentations. Register for free today!

Presenters: Margaret Goddard, MS, and Julie Fletcher
Margaret Goddard and Julie Fletcher serve as Patient Partners on Stanford Health Care's Adult Congenital Heart Disease Patient & Family Advisory Council.

Margaret was born with tetralogy of Fallot which led to four open-heart surgeries and an ICD placement. She has three daughters, one son and two grandchildren. Margaret is a business partner with her wife in a psychotherapy practice. Margaret has had great success treating her partly CHD-related PTSD with psychotherapy and has found it to be a life saver in managing mental health and chronic disease.

Julie was born with Shone's Complex. She underwent her first heart surgery at two years old and four open-heart surgeries between the age of 6 and 29 years old. In her free time, Julie enjoys walking with her family, playing online video games with her husband and volunteering with fellow "CHD'ers". Julie recognizes the importance of mental health because of the challenges she knows ACHD patients and caregivers face on a daily basis.

This virtual presentation is made possible in part by sponsorship support provided by:
Pharmaceutical Companies of
Johnson & Johnson

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