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  2. Very excited as the days grow closer till the Atlanta Regional Conference April 13, 2019. This will be my very first conference so the anxiety level is through the roof right now. I pray I get to see some of the faces from the forum present during the conference.

  3. Read the latest entry to the HeartTalk blog by clicking here. About the Author: Melissa Hartman is an ACHA Ambassador. In her words: “You should not have stayed away so long! You need surgery, and I don’t want you to wait.” These were shocking words from my ACHD cardiologist. Like most adults, I had been living life without properly caring for my congenital heart defect, tetrology of Fallot. I was the lucky one who was the first TOF repair at Emory in Atlanta in 1972 at the age of four. With only a few interventions between four and 40, I figured I was set for life. When my cardiologist told me I needed another surgery, I was stunned. Once again, I was lucky. I was referred to a wonderful surgeon who was able to save my pulmonary valve and repair my right ventricular outflow tract. As I recovered and realized how truly fortunate I am, I decided I needed to help educate everyone about the importance of lifelong care with an adult congenital specialist.
  4. Read the latest entry to the HeartTalk blog by clicking here. About the Author: Robert Grabel was born with tetralogy of Fallot, had open heart surgery when he was 10 and recently had valve replacement surgery. He is married with one daughter and one dog. Robert works in the nonprofit field where he helps organizations create endurance event fundraisers. He considers himself lucky to blend his passion for work in the charitable sector with his love of biking and long distance running—to date he has run 14 marathons and more than 20 half-marathons, as well as long distance cycling events. He was introduced to ACHA by his cardiologist and is eager to help and encourage other CHD patients to embrace life to the fullest.
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