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  1. Hi Paula, I was born with Tetralogy of Fallot. My first surgery was at 4mo old and I had my pulmonary valve replaced when I was 27. I am now due to have this valve replaced likely within a year. You have been through so much. I am happy for you that you recovered. I have wondered the same thing or at least I think I am wondering the same thing as you. I have worried about my lack of ability to protect my breast over the years as I've needed diagnostic imaging for my heart condition. Is this what you are referring to? I've had CT, MRI, angioplasty, contrast, countless X-rays of my lungs pre and post op. Just wonder if it all adds up to an increased risk of a mutation resulting in breast cancer. I have wonder this for some time. When I saw your post, I had to reply. I do not know if there is causation here, but perhaps there is correlation between the increased exposure and cancer risk. Thank you for sharing your story. Thanks, Veronica
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