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  1. As a person living with a congenital heart disease life already has its twists and turns that may come my way which has landed me amongst some of the harshest living conditions deplorable. The Institutional system of this nation has some of the most uncompromising healthcare approaches known. As a recent participant I witnessed a very high level of resistance to integrating a heart healthy diet into the institutional system to ensure the most productive practice of a diet and lifestyle to promote heart health. Institutional detention facilities, prisons as well as the public school system abide by one of the most relaxed and indeserving dietary standards that barely meets the needs of daily dietary consumption totals to promote a healthy active lifestyle. This assumption is being used to make a complaint against the dietary meat supplement used as a substitute for ground beef and beef products. One of the main ingredients of this product is sodium which is used for taste and texture. The product in question is made amongst a low grade meat packing house located in Auburndale Florida. The product inquestion is made of beef by-product as well as soy texture protein base to ensure taste and texture during storage and use of the product. It has been proven that for persons with known heart diseases and sufferable symptoms associated with a heart disease products such as soy and sodium are never wise dietarty substitutions to approach when considering a healthy and balanced lifestyle. My complaint comes in the fact that i personally have witnessed the lack of a heart healthy diet implementation amongst the institutional level. While witnessing the lack of implementation i also noticed the refusal to allow a substitutional inclusion which for the good nature of the request could be a low-sodium diet which allows a person to stay away from products that are processed as well as having a high sodium content which the institutional system has access to prescribe to those persons that have issues with sodium comsumption. I am not saying that a low-sodium diet is the direct substitutional approach to a heart-healthy diet, i am suggesting that to futher bring an understanding toward the need to prescribe persons with heart diseases to a low-sodium diet if that is all that is offered to include dietary relevance to assume productive living. Bad enough as adults we are running into grey areas inregards to living with a congenital heart disease that the topic of an active living diet to become included amongst overall treatment allowances should be entertaining rather than a burden when making daily dietary inclusions.
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