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ACHA Forum Policies

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Personal Information

• To protect your privacy, we suggest using a username, your first name, or first name and initial of your last name, however you can make your profile as open as you would like based on your preference. You can correspond with an individual member via the private messages and email functions of the forum. To do so, go to the person's profile, go to the person's profile and click on the "Message" button located in the cover photo area of the profile.

• Information in your profile can be changed in the following way:

                 1. Log in to the forum
                 2. Click the Profile link at the top of the page
                 3. Click 'Edit Profile' in the top right corner. 
                 4. Make and save your edits.

• If you have any problems with this procedure, please contact a moderator via private message. If you need further information on how to update your profile, watch the tutorial available on our website.

• Any contact and personal information that you submit directly to ACHA (in membership forms, etc.) will be kept strictly confidential, and we will not share it with anyone without your express written or electronic permission.


Respect for others:

• ACHA's discussion forum provides a safe and comfortable place for individuals with heart defects and their families to share experiences and get support. All participants should treat each other with respect and consideration. Members whose interactions with others cause concern or discomfort will be removed from the forum.

  • Trolling, defined as intentionally posting controversial, disruptive, sarcastic or insulting remarks in order to get the attention of or to offend ACHA or its members, is not allowed.
  • Flaming, defined as intentionally hurting or insulting someone is not allowed.
  • Posts that have trolling or flaming characteristics will be deleted. Registered users who engage in such behavior are subject to removal.


Medical advice:

• Asking for or giving medical advice is not allowed.

• When responding to posts about medical issues, your answers should be based on your own experience and should not be substitutes for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician about questions and concerns.

• Links to posts that advertise medical products, including over the counter medications and herbal products etc, are not allowed on this forum.


Advertising and Fundraising:

• The following are not allowed:

  • Advertising to sell merchandise for personal gain.
  • Advertisement and links to websites that advertise any product, including medical products, over the counter medications and herbal products, multi-level marketing, etc.
  • Fundraising for any cause other than approved fundraising for ACHA, including personal fundraisers.
  • Promoting events not listed on the ACHA website or approved by ACHA
  • Research requests without prior approval

• Fundraising for ACHA and research requests are allowed upon approval

  • All fundraising posts and research requests should be submitted using the guidelines available here prior to posting.


Religious and Political Posts:

• Religious and political proselytizing is not allowed.

  • Members cannot try to convert (a person) from one belief (political or religious), doctrine, cause, or faith to another. This includes criticism of different beliefs. Members who wish to state that they feel God plays an important part in their life may do so as our members are always allowed to share what has helped them.


ACHA reserves the right to edit or remove posts or registered users for any reason. The following types of posts will be edited and/or removed:

• Medical Advice

• Fundraising not approved by ACHA

• Hostile, obscene or derogatory material

• Personal financial solicitations

• Flaming or Trolling

• Religious or political proselytizing

• Requests for research subjects unless approved by ACHA

• Links to commercial websites in signatures will be reviewed and removed if unrelated to CHD and found to be inappropriate

• Contact information or personally identifying information of another member.


ACHA reserves the right to delete the following types of posts, as well as to ban the user:

• Any member who registers with a fake email address

• Posting of link spam (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_spam)

• Abuse of the forum for financial gain

• If anyone feels that their account has been deleted unfairly, please feel free to contact our Moderators directly via email or private message only.

Forum Moderation:

•  Individual forums may have specific moderators. If you have a question or concern about content on a particular forum, please contact the moderator listed in the forum's description or one of our general moderators, Misty Sharpe, Paula Miller or KerriS, using the Staff page.

• Please use the Support form for general questions about ACHA or contact an ACHA staff member via email.


We hope that you will enjoy these forums and find them to be valuable.




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