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Reaching Out

Heidi L

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My name is Heidi and I am 52 years old. I just found out I have CHD because I drove myself to the emergency room thinking I pulled a muscle. 72 hours later I had an ablation, an ICD, and six pill prescriptions. The doctors stood in a row above my bed in the CICU and told me my right ventricle is not shaped correctly and that I was born that way. 

Two weeks ago I was running 8 miles, two years ago I was participating in an Olympic Triathlon. 

As a child I was always sick. Obviously my parents never knew it was because of my heart. 

When I go to the Heart Failure clinic I am given reading material of images of old people and I just feel confused. 

My therapist told me to reach out to you. She said I need to find “my peers.” 

Thank you. 

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I hope some of the meds are to help your ventricle work as well as it can and to do the same for the left ventricle.  an enlarged or mis-shaped ventricle in no fun.

I hope the meds help.  They can slowly help and buy time for a correction I hope is possible.  Please know you are not alone.

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