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I'm Carmen G,  24 yrs old. I have Congenital heart defect is pulmonary atresia with dextrocardia and I have had a bidirectional Glenn and Fontan as surgeries. So I am considered to be a single ventricle with Fontan. I always felt alone in my conditions when I growing up. Telling people about my scars, why I had a cardiologist so young and why I did the pledge allegiance "wrong". I never really had anyone I could relate to just my poppop cause he had heart surgeries but nothing compared to me. We use to compare pain haha When weather was changing or scar tissues were moving. But I'm excited to meet people and relate to people who actually understand what I am going thru. 

Right now I'm 24 and finally found a adult cardiologist who understands me. She is Dr. Shah in VCU in Richmond, VA ( highly recommend ) As my health I'm doing alright just need to work on exercises to work up my legs and heart muscles. I need to work on vitamins as well and keep an eye on my protein which is a little high but not too bad. I learned I have varicose veins in my left leg so I need to compression socks. As of now I am good but I don't know what the future holds but we'll see. Thank you again

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