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So its been a while since my last posting. If I can recall correctly i was still awaiting a judge's decision to move my case against the acting Social Security Administration commissioner to be heard in front of a jury of my peers. Well that has yet to come but there has been some changes to how i receive medical attention. As of September 14, 2021 have been granted eligibility to receive state funded Medicare. I have full medical and dental coverage. 

I am just now writing about it because I was just notified of the information of which when i found out i got right on the ball to find-out who my primary care provider would be. Right now it is a medical facility called Community medical group and upon my initial visit when i listed my congenital heart disease related symptoms they listened and responded. Something that was completely different of the staff at Central Florida Healthcare. Hell Joel Hardin of the Tampa Bay Adult Congenital Heart Center didnt even show signs of compassion when i visited jis office during an initial meeting and i told him it had been well over 30 years since being seen by a congenital heart disease specialist. I guess having insurance does affect how your treated by healthcare providers. Anyway so as of now for the first two weeks of the new year i will being going to my new primary care provider taking test and establishing links to my other doctors to start a new line of communication. I am just praying that the blessings dont stop and that what i am witnessing currently is exactly how all my medical needs will be attentioned and handled, with urgency and showing compassion towards me the patient.

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